Gateway to the true beauty of New Zealand

The ultimate location

in the most modern city in the world

A new city destination

located at the heart of Christchurch


An extraordinary opportunity

Hidden behind the beauty of the majestic south island awaits a truly rare and golden opportunity to live in a place where great things are already happening.


Christchurch is about to experience a construction boom on a vast scale – estimated at NZ$40 billion.


More people are moving back to christchurch since 2010 and there are high yields for residential properties.


The city has plans for infrastructure repair that will result in state-of-the-art utilities, digital networks, and services.


Massive residential development as over 130,000 properties are repaired or replaced.

Dynamic rebuild

The Preston Residences are conveniently located in the core of the rebuild, which means you will be in the heart of all the newest and forthcoming developments in Christchurch.

The Blueprint Plan

1. East Frame
2. Latimer Square
3. Stadium
4. Margaret Mahy Family Playground
5. Innovation Precinct
6. Bus Interchange
7. Justice & Emergency Services Precinct
8. Retail Precinct
9. The Square
10. Central Library
11. Performing Arts Precinct
12. Convention Centre Precinct


The renewal of the city is being overseen by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) which has plans in place for the renewal of the city and especially the city centre. This includes state of the art public buildings, a world class health and innovation sectors, a new convention centre, and a new shopping district.


Bus Interchange


Convention Centre


Justice Precinct


Margaret Mahy Family Playground


Retail Precinct


The Promenade


Music Centre


The Frame

For more information, visit CCDU.

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"The level of business opportunity is unprecedented in our history. We are building the newest city in the world and we invite you to be part of it."

− Lianne Dalziel, Mayor of Christchurch

"It’s extremely rare to take an established regional economy, with over a hundred years of organic growth, and have the chance to build a new city centre at its heart using best practice urban design and investment models. We are doing this. And it’s incredible."

− Roger Sutton, Chief Executive, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority

"It feels like the right time and the right place to do this. People want to come back to the central city and we’re going to create a world-class destination they can be proud of."

− Antony Gough, Hereford Holdings

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